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Vintage Rhinestone Timepiece Collectible - Maison De Beauté Marseille

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It could be an extended family special occasion or a special gathering with long time friends, where you've got the perfect outfit and bag, but your watch just wouldn't matchup. You want a watch to tell a story, to strike a conversation. A timepiece that's not flamboyant, branded or expensive, but exudes that special handmade quality you'll appreciate. This timepiece brings the same experience of a visit to an old town's watchmaker. Handmade and timeless.

Perfect for Vintage lovers. Every piece is carefully chrome plated and petals hand painted with 4 layers of metallic shine to give it its unique colour blend. Every watch is different even if you buy the same colours.

Around the watch face, the maker has used Austrian crystals with diamond cut to ensure a mirror smooth surface with a full light spectrum. The inside is the precision engineering of Japanese quartz movement.

Size: 16.7 cm (6.6 inches) internal circumference