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Special VIP Exclusive Offer

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Congrats... You've found our Special VIP Exclusive Offer!

You should have click on your special link from your email. At checkout, the special code will allow you to checkout this item at a discount.

If you didn't see that, enter "450FOR6" to take $400 off this deal. You need to use your previous order email to be able to use this code.

This promotion allows you to purchase 3, 6 or 12 bags. at a greatly discounted price. You can choose any of your bags to be shipped within a one year period.

After your purchase, we will write to you about how to go about making your selection. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I buy?
You'll get an email from us within 24 hours. In the email we'll give you a personalized code that will let you choose your free bags any time. 

What's the average price of each bag for this deal?
US Dollar 75 for the 6 and 12 bags deal. $90 for the 3 bags deal. Shipping included.

Do I have to choose all bags today? Is there a time limit for choosing the bags?
You do not have to choose all six bags today. You have one year to choose your six bags.

Do I have to choose all bags at one time?
No! You can spread your choices out as much as you want over the next 12 months.

Can I choose a mix of women's bags and men's bags? 
Yes, you can choose any six bags in our store with the exception of 2 large men's  bags (Durham Leather Day Pack & Oxford Leather Overnight Duffle)

Is shipping free on all bags?
Yes! Shipping is free on all bags, whether you buy them all at once or spread out over the year.

Why would I buy 12 bags instead of 6 since the unit price is the same at 75?
This is because you only have one chance to get this big discount. You can decide if you want to lock your discount for 6 or 12 bags.

I have another discount code. Can I use it?
I'm afraid only one discount code can be used at any one time.

Shipping and Handling Time
All of your items enjoy free shipping. If you had chosen the wrong shipping option by mistake, just write to us and we'll refund you right away. Please allow 5-14 working days. The difference in the shipping times depends on your location.