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The Courier - Leather Briefcase

Macfee Secure

Throughout ancient history (and probably yesterday), runners have competed against homing pigeons, smoke signals, and riders on horseback to deliver timely messages ranging from the mundane to the imperative. Long before there were mechanized courier services, foot messengers physically ran (or walked when no one was looking) miles to their destinations. There are still marathons ran today, directly related to actual historical messenger routes, keeping the courier spirit alive.

The Courier is as time-honored as “the message” it carries with its rich color. Adding modern convenience to a conventional briefcase. The Courier was engineered for extreme versatility. It can to be worn at your side for easy carry and access or carry it as a briefcase (hand-cuffed to your wrists if the lifestyle fits.) Your belongings will be kept safe with the easy zippers and can be easily organized in a variety of gussets, dividers, and stashes. It's so convenient that you're going to use this bag 90% of the time. Plus the leather gets better with time.

With time, the patina will develop on the leather. It is something unique to natural products – leather gets it, so does wood. If ever there was something as aging gracefully – a patina is a shining (you see the pun?) example of it!


    • Leather (Cow) Full Grain
    • Fits a 13" Macbook. For a 15" laptop edition, visit Colchester.
    • Magnetic push back fastener
    • Zip fastening at the top
    • Additional detachable shoulder strap
    • Front and back pocket
    • Internal pockets
    • Fully lined inside
    • Comes in 4 colours- cognac, black, ash and stone oil natural
    • Handmade
    • Height x Width x Depth: 30 x 35 x 9 cm. / 11.8 x 13.8 x 3.5″

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